As excess death rates in Ireland and in highly injected countries across the world continue to rise - is this the depopulation agenda Ted Turner spoke about openly before going quiet?

Excess mortality rates have continuously hit alarmingly high, double figures across Ireland since the Covid-19 jab roll-out while the mainstream media acts like there’s nothing up. If they admit the problem, they would also have to acknowledge their role in coercing the public into taking part in a dangerous medical trial for no real reason, apart from a mystery virus with a 99.97% survival rate, the same time the flu disappeared. The cover-up shows nerve and complicity in the greatest medical crime humanity has ever witnessed. How do those so-called journalists keep a straight face?

Click HERE for a look at Eurostat figures on Ireland’s excess deaths.

Former RTÉ Director General Dee Forbes worked for Turner Broadcasting for 14 years and described Ted Turner as one of the ‘most charismatic and influential people in my life’. Turner has been open about his depopulation plans and has made it clear he and his billionaire buddies have been working on a scheme to cut the world’s population by billions. We have become surplus to requirement for the self-anointed ‘elite’.

How much influence did Ted Turner have on Dee Forbes? Under her tenure, the Irish public was first convinced there was a pandemic, even though the death count did not reflect one. Next, they were convinced they needed an experimental, liability-free injection to return to their normal lives after constant media messaging and misdirection from carefully selected top paid presenters. It was a co-ordinated, global campaign and it worked. How many people will die as a result of the trial? All we can do is keep our eyes fixed on the excess death figures and call out treason and lies where we find them.

This is no time to keep quiet.

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Aisling O'Loughlin