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Dr Ciara Kelly and the Janssen Connection

Newstalk radio broadcaster Dr Ciara Kelly overlooked the big stories concerning the controversial Janssen jab while promoting the injection on air. The GP also has a podcast on the Janssen website.

She was instrumental in convincing the Irish public to take part in a medical trial for a mystery virus with a 99.97% survival rate, including children and pregnant women. Now Dr Ciara Kelly’s psoriasis podcast can be found on the Janssen Ireland website. This exposes a clear conflict of interest when it comes to impartial reporting on vaccine injuries and deaths.

Instead of outlining the dangerous side effects of the Janssen jab from blood clots to Guillan-Barré Syndrome or offering balanced debate on Newstalk, Dr Kelly went for the hard sell, shutting down any concerned voices and dismissing real information as ‘anti-vaxxer’ nonsense or ‘conspiracy theory’. The Janssen jab she promoted on air has been pulled from the market because of blood clotting concerns.

Dr Kelly has been proven wrong. Those ‘anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorists’ have been proven correct. There was no need for anyone to put their lives at risk for an experimental so-called vaccine. The globalist funded, official risk/benefit analysis never made sense.

Counties like Waterford with the highest uptake of Covid-19 vaccines in Ireland, initially saw a surge in Covid and now face spikes in excess mortality that the media is ignoring, on purpose.

This Sky News article from November 6, 2021:

On Oct 27, 2022, reported on the death of Waterford man Roy Butler (23) who died five days following the Janssen injection.

This story has been, thus far, overlooked by the mainstream media. Why?

Dr Ciara Kelly was one of the first well-known broadcasters in Ireland to apparently ‘get Covid’, along with Ryan Tubridy and Claire Byrne, who all went on to push the pandemic narrative and vaccine drive, on their national platforms.

Like Byrne, Dr Kelly got Covid twice, apparently. So much for the miracle vaccine.

Dr Kelly continues to present the morning show on Newstalk radio alongside Shane Coleman, despite these serious broadcasting breaches. It will be interesting to note how Newstalk in general treat the inquest into the death of Roy Butler. Will they ignore it as they have done so far? It’s a story of national importance and deserves top billing. Let’s see. Better still, let’s demand a better quality service. You get what you tolerate. This is another morality test for listeners.

Thank you for your continued support during this critical time for free speech and fair reporting. If you wish, you can buy the author a coffee HERE.

Aisling O'Loughlin
Aisling O'Loughlin