Why were these two so thrilled to see Irish teenagers line up for a dangerous medical trial they didn't need? Why didn't they mention side-effects? Clues lie in their fake space in-jokes...

Anton Savage: “And when we talk about then that vaccination level, what did you make of the weekend? Young people queuing up from six o’clock in the morning to get vaccines at walk-in centres…

Prof Luke O’Neill: “I haven’t stopped smiling. Isn’t it amazing? I think we can be proud of the young people, to be honest. They want their lives back. That’s the bottom line. And they also want to help their communities. They’re the two reasons. Fantastic.

Anton Savage: But none of us are getting vaccinated for the craic Luke. We all have non-altruistic reasons why we benefit from it.

Professor Luke O’Neill: Very true. I think we may turn out to be the best in the world in that age group it looks like, based on those numbers. If those numbers continue - Ireland will have the highest vaccination rate in those young people. Wouldn’t that be a great thing to claim? You know rub our neighbours noses in it slightly. So we’ll see what happens. But wasn’t it amazing? And there was a sense of joy, I heard as well. Get a teenager up out of bed at 6am to queue up for something, it’s normally for tickets to a music festival - they were queuing up for a vaccine! It’s just remarkable, isn’t it? So I thought that was fantastic, wasn’t it? All credit to them. Brilliant.

The above exchange on Newstalk radio from August 03, 2021, between presenter Anton Savage and Professor Luke O’Neill, is a prime example of a dangerous and malignant policy being portrayed as something worthy, necessary, ‘for the the common good’.

The phoney air of joviality conceals a dark undertow where the young people of Ireland were ushered into a dangerous medical trial for no good reason, by those who were supposed to protect them.

In this case, O’Neill stands for ‘The $cience’ and Savage for ‘The Malevolent Media’. These rotten institutions betrayed the people of Ireland in the worst possible way and made it look like ‘we’re all in this together’. O’Neill and Savage knew exactly what they were doing here, none of it accidental. They deliberately ignored the fact young people did not need an unproven, liability-free ‘vaccine’. They had a 99.99% survival rate for the mystery virus with the same symptoms as the flu, which somehow just vanished. There was zero need for our young people to enter a dangerous medical trial run by people who want to depopulate the world. No reason whatsoever. It was madness. So why are these two stooges getting all excited? They’re practically licking their chops with glee. Savage declaring: “We all have non-altruistic reasons why we benefit from it”. Yeah, I bet you do.

Neither of them mentions myocarditis or pericarditis. And that’s just for starters when it comes to the long list of side-effects from the mRNA gene therapy injections.

They both fail to mention the warning on the HSE website:

Two European studies have estimated the risk of myocarditis in men, after the second dose of the vaccine as:

  • 1 additional case for every 38,000 men aged 12 to 29 (within 7 days)

  • 1 additional case for every 17,500 men aged 16 to 24 (within 28 days)

That’s just the official version too, which obviously is not trustworthy considering the lies of the past three years, but still, it’s there on the HSE website for all to see. We have no idea of the long-term consequences of theses dubious injections on our innocent young people. The early warning signs are hugely concerning as we witness the excess death rate in our young suddenly rise from a negative position of minus four per cent in the 15-64-year-old category in 2020, the year of the ‘deadly pandemic’. In 2021, it spiked to plus four percent for that age category and by 2021 it was up 9% compared to the three year pre-Covid average. No analysis from Professor Luke O’Neill or Anton Savage on the matter, funnily enough. Nothing.

Click HERE for analysis of age cohort excess deaths from Kilkenny accountant Patrick E Walsh.

On April 12, 2021, Savage wrote a piece for the Irish Independent and opened the article on the premise of a hoax that fooled the world.

On January 28th 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded above Florida, killing all seven astronauts on board.

It was the ultimate nudge, nudge, wink, wink to fellow club members, an insider joke meant for those who know the Space Shuttle Challenger was an extravagant piece of theatre for the uninitiated, a way to shut down questions about space travel or lack thereof since the fake moon landings. Turns out those astro-NOTs didn’t die in the staged catastrophe - unless, of course, you believe it’s possible there were two sets of identical twins aboard. Some didn’t even bother changing their names after the fireworks display.

It’s not an accident Savage chose this cheeky in-joke as the opening of his article on another hoax, Covid-19. Look at that big, cheesy grin. He thinks it’s hilarious. These pretenders love taking the mickey. They think we’re stupid. Here’s Professor Luke O’Neill telling us moon dust could be the answer to the climate crisis. So many hoaxes jammed into one sentence there. And we wonder why we’re in so much trouble as a nation. People have no concept of the lies peddled about space by those who do not have our best interests at heart. The conditioning runs deep.

They’re laughing at us.

We’re too easy to manipulate.

They can tell us anything and we’ll believe them.

Razzle dazzle ‘em and they’ll beg ya for more.

It’s time to understand the magicians tricks.

And stop being played by those who wish us harm.

If it were possible, we’d blast Savage and O’Neill off to the moon on a rocket-ship - except it wouldn’t be far away enough after that treasonous exchange from August 2021. Instead we must make it clear, we won’t tolerate their palsy-walsy fakery anymore. We can see through the charade. Our young people will not be sacrificed at the altar of phoney $cience and a money-hungry, blood-thirsty Malevolent Media.

We must break the spell.

No more razzle dazzle.

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Aisling O'Loughlin