Why was 17-year-old Sally Maaz given midazolam before her untimely death 'with Covid' in April 2020?

A litany of failures at Mayo University Hospital in Ireland led to the death of Sally Maaz whose family were unaware she had been placed on an end-of-life pathway...

The story of Sally Maaz can be found on tonyholohan.com. This is a clever move by journalist Jemima Burke, placing the tragic details of the teenager’s death under the name of Ireland’s former Chief Medical Officer, the man who oversaw the Covid campaign in Ireland, in lockstep with World Economic Forum infiltrated governments the world over.

It’s a horrifying but necessary read.

Under Holohan’s orders, hospital and nursing home visits were banned, scores of hospital beds were locked away, staff numbers fell drastically due to “Covid testing” and “Covid leave” – and new procedures were implemented which left patients and residents voiceless, defenceless and ultimately victims of untimely deaths.

Families were told a deadly virus had killed their loved ones.

I met Sally’s family just days after she died. They agreed to an interview with me which was published (in part) by the Connaught Telegraph. As I listened to Sally’s story I became increasingly concerned.

Journalist Jemima Burke is a member of a famous family in Ireland. Her brother Enoch Burke is in jail in Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison (again) for breaking an injunction by returning to his former place of work, Wilson’s Hospital School in Co Westmeath after a transgender pronoun row. “All of this is simply because I won’t accept transgenderism,” he said. His case has shone a spotlight on the transgender agenda in Irish schools and has exposed the absolutism of compelled speech, especially in the context of religious rights. Thanks to Enoch, the Irish are finding out about puberty blockers, bodily mutilation, botched plastic surgeries, how trans kids are usually autistic and the shocking rate of suicide among those who ‘transition’.

Now his sister, Jemima Burke is shining the spotlight into another dark corner of Irish life, one the government and complicit mainstream media are attempting to cover-up. She’s asking awkward questions about the case of 17-year-old Sally Maaz who died in Mayo University Hospital on April 24, 2020, apparently ‘with Covid’.

  • Why was Sally sent home from the Intensive Care Unit when she was still seriously ill?

  • Why was Sally, on her return to the hospital, moved to a Covid Ward when she had tested negative for Covid?

  • Why was Sally suddenly moved off her heart medication, Ramipril, on her first day back in hospital?

  • Why was Sally given an opioid, Palexia, on her first night in the Covid Ward, a drug which caused an immediate reaction of vomiting, choking and breathlessness?

  • Why was Sally flagged as “not for resuscitation” and “not for ICU” without her parents’ knowledge?

  • Why did Professor Tom O’Malley insist on testing Sally for Covid, doing so until he received a positive result?

  • Why were her parents only allowed to visit their daughter when she had tested positive for Covid and staff had told them Sally was dying?

  • Why were her parents never informed that she was actually on “palliative care?” (“Consideration for palliative care team review” was recommended by Dr Cyril Rooney on Sally’s first full day in the Covid Ward).

Jemima Burke also exposes the use of midazolam as part of Sally Maaz’s end-of-life cocktail of drugs:

On one occasion, Rula Maaz, unaware of the purpose of the syringe driver, questioned the doctor on the ward as to whether Sally was sedated. Sally always seemed very tired when her family arrived.

The doctor told her Sally was on painkillers to make her “comfortable.” He did not tell her the syringe driver contained Midazolam and Alfentanil (30 times stronger than morphine).

Rula only discovered the truth many months after Sally died.

The Maaz family never knew that Sally was on a “palliative pathway.” They never heard the word “palliative” in conjunction with her care at MUH.

Clearly there are serious questions that demand urgent attention. The death of Sally Maaz was used to push the fear of ‘Covid’, against her family’s wishes.

Thanks to the dedicated work of Jemima Burke, we know the details the complicit media have omitted in their rush to sell the Covid lie. This is important work and honours the life of Sally Maaz, a name that will not be forgotten.

RIP Sally Maaz

(01 July 2002 - 24 April 2020)

Aisling O'Loughlin