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Time is of the essence. We’ve got to get the word out like our lives depended on it, because they do. This is serious. The most pressing moment of our existence, a call to action in the face of a devastating depopulation agenda playing out before our very eyes. The mainstream media has turned rogue, bought out by special interests that do not serve the public.  Big Pharma funded ‘fact checkers’ police so-called disinformation. Censorship has become the norm as social media sites shadow-ban dissenting voices and promote agenda stooges, like they were rockstars. The public has been caught off-guard, believing well known TV presenters whose faces seem so appealing and trustworthy. They’ve been tricked, hoodwinked by a massive, global, coordinated campaign to tighten the control grid for ‘for your health and safety,’ no less. What can we do about it? Have faith, do not be afraid and take action. The charade only works if everyone plays along. Hear the call, step up and let’s counter the lies with Truth, let’s speak with authority, let’s do this together, any which way we can. Let’s make it beautiful and glorious. God wins. Love wins. Truth wins. Never give up. United we stand. 

Here’s a little bit about myself: I’m a mother of three boys, living in the South of France but with my heart still in Ireland. I studied journalism at Dublin City University before embarking on a career as a news anchor on national TV for six years, alongside reporting and presenting The Week in Review on Sunday nights. I was also a regular presenter on The Morning Show on TV3 while writing as a columnist in magazines and newspapers. I subsequently spent 10 years on a popular entertainment show called Xposé, covering celebrity interviews, fashion and showbiz. By baby number three, it was impossible to keep up the pace so my little tribe and I moved to France to learn the language and soak up the sun. I continued as a columnist with The Irish Mail on Sunday until the so-called pandemic. I realised I could not be part of the mainstream media while pointing out its failings on Covid-19. So I’m out on my own. No boss, no safety net. It’s rather thrilling, a double back flip dive into the Great Beyond.

My Substack is dedicated to my three children. I reject the World Economic Forum’s agenda for their future. I will protect their bodily autonomy. I will protect their right to speak freely. I will protect their innocence. Let’s create a bright new future together for all the kids. They deserve a beautiful legacy from strong, fearless adults. Do not be afraid. On me must go.

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The mainstream media is bought and paid for, Big Pharma jargon and WEF propaganda abound. This substack is an attempt to cut through the doublespeak and re-establish journalistic ethics, on the side of the public, who have been bamboozled by expert lies


Irish independent journalist getting to the heart of the matter.