Why has little ole Ireland the biggest influx of Algerian 'asylum seekers' in the world if there's no war in Africa's largest country?

Algeria also has one of the world's lowest Covid-19 vaccination rates. Why has the Irish native population been coerced into a medical trial while the new arrivals enter without jab requirements?

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“Firstly an Taoiseach’s statement yesterday, that it is not right to connect immigration with crime is ridiculous. Not all immigrants are created equal. And an immigration policy that does not recognise this will end in disaster and tragedy. We don’t record crime statistics by ethnicity because to do so would offend liberal sensibilities. But other European countries do, the Dutch do, they’ve done it for 10 years and here’s what they’ve found.

Individuals from non western immigration backgrounds make up 14% of the population in the Netherlands, however they commit 40% of all crime and violent assaults. Populations from Africa or the Middle East tend to exhibit rates of two to four times than those of native Dutch. And in both Germany and Spain the suspect rate of Algerian immigrants for crimes is 10 times that of natives and in Italy it is 17 times.

And Ireland has the largest groups of Algerian asylum seekers in the world being admitted into the country.”

The words of Senator Sharon Keogan from November 29, 2023 reveal the extent of the invasion of this small island. We’re in trouble but we’re too polite to say. The woke Irish do not want to offend their population replacements lest they’d be branded racist. The conditioning is such, it’s deemed unfair to single out certain ethnicities even if their crime rate across Europe begs further analysis and discussion. Don’t worry us Irish (who most certainly aren’t racist) don’t count crime stats by nationality. You’re welcome to come here with no documents, no questions asked about your criminal past, no Covid-19 vaccine requirements (that was just for the natives ha ha) and we’ll get you an Irish passport in no time and lots of free goodies along the way. That’s how much we’re not racist. We don’t even enforce deportations, unless, of course, you’d like to deport yourself, in your own time, no pressure. We won’t check. We must be the best little (not racist) country in the world. You couldn’t blame anyone for hitting for Treasure Island.

Senator Keoghan also told the Seanad that Ireland is welcoming more Algerian ‘asylum seekers’ than anywhere else in the world even though there’s no war in Algeria. This is preposterous but considered too racist to say out loud. Ireland owes Algeria diddly. This tiny patch of land on the edge of Europe can barely look after its own people in need, let alone hordes of unvetted men from a North African Islamic state with no connection to our culture, religion or history. What’s really going on here? Are we too timid to ask the hard questions? Are we that weak in the face of our own cultural demise?

An Algerian man who should have been deported 20 years ago has yet to be charged with the lunchtime stabbings of three children and a school worker Leanne Flynn Keogh in Dublin city centre of November 23, 2023. There’s something very odd about this story and the way the utterly untrustworthy mainstream media has covered it so far. The deflection of focus onto the subsequent Dublin riots had all the hallmarks of a high theatrics set-up. Blame the ‘far right’ for wreaking havoc on Dublin and take the heat off the real story. If so, it worked. Docile RTÉ viewers began to virtue signal right on cue about what good, obedient boys and girls they are, shaking their heads at the suspicious flames leaping from open-for-arson garda cars, suddenly forgetting all about the stabbed children and the Algerian man who we’re supposed to believe is a naturalised Irish citizen. We don’t have to accept the dangerous outcomes of a broken system. We all know, this man shouldn’t have been in Ireland in the first place, let alone given an Irish passport. The suspect was arrested in May of this year for possession of a knife and for criminal damage to a car. Apparently he never worked a day since arriving on these shores. Who let him in? Why was he allowed to stay? Surely he should have been packed back to Algeria in May, his Irish citizenship revoked for bad behaviour. Why is he our problem? Why don’t we have any standards anymore? It’s putting innocent lives at risk and destroying cultural cohesion.

Some claim the child stabbings are a false flag because of the numerous inconsistencies and anomalies, including no sign of blood at the crime scene, unreliable witness accounts, shaky camerawork, no details of the child victims, no interviews with the parents - yes indeed, most peculiar. Why though, would the Irish government want to highlight the deadly consequences of its reckless immigration policy for the world to witness? To stir racial tension? To push the ‘far right’ narrative with over the top riots? To bring in digital IDs to keep us all ‘safe’? Not exactly convincing scenarios.

The stabbings expose how embarrassingly inept Irish authorities are at securing the borders and at keeping unsuitable types out of the country. Surely they could snare their surveillance society through other means that don’t involve children stabbed in broad daylight. Does anyone out there know who these children are by the way? It’s so strange that nobody knows the children or the parents.

The child stabbings, as much as we know of them at least, are the biggest story of the year in Ireland but they’ve been played down by teacher’s pet type journalists (gold stars all the way) as just some unfortunate event that doesn’t merit deep reflection or debate about conflicting cultures and reckless immigration policies. Remember all men are dangerous, Irish men included. Don’t forget to include Irish men. Sure aren’t they all Irish anyway, once they’re here a wet week? Don’t be racist now.

How quick was the media to tell us that terrorism had been ruled out after the daylight child stabbings? We’re supposed to believe it was a random attack and to move along to the next horror story from Gaza or some such murder zone and don’t be a racist, whatever you don’t be. Multicultural Ireland mustn’t offend the new Irish, they’re more important than us now. That’s the main message from the media who relentlessly bang the drum of diversity and inclusiveness drowning out objections about loss of identity and loss of border control. That’s why Caio Benicio, the 43-year-old Brazilian Deliveroo driver was allowed to take front and centre position as the hero who intercepted the stabbing spree. Why haven’t we heard Wicklow man Warren Donohoe’s testimony? Why didn’t he talk to Joe? Caio Benicio gave his account on RTÉ Radio One’s Liveline to presenter Joe Duffy, but not a word from Warren Donohoe who, we’re told, also intervened to save the children and school worker from certain death. Joe Duffy might have asked Warren Donohue why there were no blood stains on his slashed Addidas top, displayed on social media by his wife, Stacey Power. The void in information only leads to more questions about this strange, strange affair.

It feels like the powers that shouldn’t be are stalling on the arrest of the Algerian lone suspect for some reason. He didn’t look too badly injured in the video we saw of him lying on the pavement, but online images can be deceiving. The suspect was apparently put in an induced coma on entry to the hospital according to The Sunday World. That could be kind of handy alright if one needed to buy time. On December 5, 2023, it was reported in the Irish Mirror newspaper that the chief suspect had been moved out of the intensive care unit at Dublin’s Mater Hospital into the high dependency unit. He still wasn’t ‘medically fit’ for questioning apparently. So what’s the delay in charging him now, a week later? Are we so ‘not racist’ that we care that much about a suspected child stabber? Might it be too uncomfortable for the suspected knife wielding maniac? Let’s hope he’s not put back into another induced coma. We need answers.

It’s way past time we found out more details about this nameless Algerian mystery man and the nameless children he allegedly stabbed one busy afternoon in Dublin city centre. This story can’t be buried. The more they try, the more curious we get about all the inconsistencies and sketchy reporting. The world is watching.

Who is the Algerian? What’s the story?

Algerian crime in Ireland in 2023: A look back on attacks that could have been avoided by better border control. Click HERE to view.

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